Ready to take your first step?

Do you have big dreams? An ambitious goal? Is fear, overwhelm or lack of motivation stopping you from turning them into reality? Or perhaps something else?

So many of us have great dreams, ambitions, ideas, passions and personal goals. But why is it, that we often shy away from following the life we’d love to live? Why is that fear holds us back?

I am very excited to kick off the series with my wonderful friend Sarah Williams!

Sarah is a blogger, podcaster and motivational speaker, Marathon Des Sables 2016 finisher and an incredible role model to all women and girls.

Sarah walks us through her inspirational story so far and what she has learnt from interviewing over 100 women.

So get ready to receive lots of juicy golden nuggets of actions that we can take immediately, to unleash our best self.

Caveat: Do not Google ‘Marathon Des Sables feet’!

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We talk about developing mental resilience and how to take the first step to achieving your dreams

The hardest step to take is the first, and Sarah knows this well.

After working in finance for 8 years Sarah’s soul was dying, so she decided to quit and discover what she really wanted to achieve.

Many adventures later, Sarah created the Tough Girl Podcast to share the stories of inspirational women who have overcome amazing challenges to increase the number of female role models in the media.

Sarah shares with us her inspirational journey and the lessons she’s learnt along the way, which will help and empower you to unleash your best self and live more adventurously.

In This Episode You'll Learn

- Why we should all ‘Be The Egg’!
- Sarah’s top 3 take aways from chatting to over 200 women who’ve completed challenges
- Strategies to over come fear

3 Steps To An Awesome State

1. Spot when a certain situation is triggering you to go into a negative state (stress, anxiety, fear etc.) and then think of the egg – remember that you have the power to choose how you want to feel.

2. Once you’ve recognised that you’re in an undesirable state and want to move into a more positive state, close your eyes and go back to a time when you were in an awesome positive state – the most powerful is often the first or second moment that comes to mind.

3. Now really step into that moment, feel those powerful positive feelings flowing through you, filling every cell and fibre up with these amazing feelings.

I love representing these feelings with a beautiful colour and imagining it filling me up, glowing all around me and then you can paint it around the room or environment you’re in, so these wonderful positive feelings fill up the space too!

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Selected Links From The Episode

Show Notes

Overcoming Fear

[1:40] Introducing Sarah

[3:50] The top 3 things Sarah’s learnt from chatting to over 200 women who’ve completed tough challenges

[6:20] 2 Common strategies used to overcome fear

Marathon Des Sables

[10:13] Why Sarah signed up for the Marathon Des Sables

[12:00] How Sarah stayed motived while training

[16:50] Achieving balance

[20:50] ‘Be The Egg’ Mantra

Tough Challenges and Health

[25:00] How adventures and sporting events positively impact our mental health

[30:25] Challenges and Business

[32:45] Self Belief and Self Confidence

Pushing Your Boundaries

[34:23] Challenging yourself

[36:00] Sarah’s Daily Podcast

[40:00] 7 Goals in 2017

[41:00] Wild Fire Questions

[49:40] Sarah reveals exciting future plans

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