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Angie Butler is an author, adventurer, entrepreneur and artist, who was utterly gripped by the story of Frank Wild.

Initially drawn to Wild because she wanted to know what had happened to one of the Greatest Polar Explorers of all time in South Africa, and if he looked backed to England, missing his home, as she looked back to her childhood in South Africa.

Despite Wild being an incredible polar explorer, returning to Antarctica 5 times with Scott, being  Shackleton’s right hand man and having an outstanding reputation as a immensely strong, resilient and loving man.

Wild ended up penniless in South Africa, and it was here, over the years that his reputation became tarnished through embellished journalist stories, as a drifter, alcoholic, friendless and poor.

Angie couldn’t believe that this great polar explorer ended his days in such an awful so way, so she set off on an amazing 7 year Quest, determined to get to the bottom of Frank Wild.

No one knew where Wild was buried nor what had happened to his remains. Through incredible tenacity and determination, Angie discovered his ashes and returned them to South Georgie, where Wild was buried next to Shackleton. An unprecedented event.

Angie made Wild’s dreams come true: burying him with Shackleton and publishing his polar memoirs.

However, Wild has also brought so much to Angie, including her co-founding Ice Tracks and creating connections with many wonderful people.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this powerful, reflective exchange with the inspiring Angie Butler.

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This is a conversation about Angie’s Quest.

It’s about what happens when you step into the unknown and stretch yourself — important lessons learned from embarking on your own quest.

It’s about the story of one of the greatest polar explorers from the Edwardian times and the legacy he has left behind.

And it’s about tenacity, determination, achievement and opportunities that adventure brings to you.

In This Episode You'll Learn

- Angie’s journey from journalist and artist to entrepreneur, adventurer and author
- The incredible story of one of the Greatest Polar Explorers: Frank Wild
- The difference between Modern Day and Edwardian adventurers, the difference between Survivors and Non-Survivors

3 Actions to an adventurous mindset

1.Read Angie’s book: The Quest For Frank Wild

2. Embark on a small or big adventure to learn something new about yourself and achieve something you thought was out of your grasp – really step into the unknown, outside of your comfort zone and stretch yourself

3. Focus on choosing and embodying the best state you want to be in as you go through your day and notice how it transforms your day – Wild was a genius at influencing his mind-body connection and being in the optimum state for the task at hand. Just think about that time when he walked off that boat in an ice calm state.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below!

Want to hear another episode about adventure? — Listen to the episode with British Adventurer Laura Kennington in which we discuss human powered adventures and cultivating a resilient mindset! (listen below or download here):

Selected Links From The Episode

Show Notes

Who Angie Butler is the world today

[0:45]  Introducing Angie

[1:47] The word game!

[2:36] Angie’s many hats

Adventure & the Heroic Age of Polar Exploration

[5:06] What adventure means to Angie

[5:57] What ignited Angie’s passion for the Heroic Age of Polar Exploration

[10:25] The modern day adventurer

[11:42] Modern Day Vs. Edwardian Adventurers

Angie’s Quest for Frank Wild

[13:35] Who is Frank Wild?

[16:57] What drew Angie to Wild

[18:30] Why Wild ended up with a tarnished reputation

[20:29] Angie’s favourite Wild story

[21:44] Wild’s stand out Antarctic moment

[23:23] Angie’s journey of uncovering Wild’s story

[26:55] How it felt when Angie burred his ashes in 2011

[31:43] How Wild has transformed and inspired Angie’s life


[34:15] Seeing Antarctica for the first time

Wrapping Up

[36:45] Insight into next book

[38:11] The Wild Philosophy

[39:10] Connect with Angie

[39:46] What Angie would put on a billboard

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