Ready To own your challenge?

Kiko Matthews is a life enjoyer, entrepreneur and adventurer, who is attempting to become the fastest woman to solo row across the Atlantic in 2018.

Kiko’s story really shows us that anything is possible…

In 2009 Kiko nearly died from Cushings Disease and 8 years on, is living her life to the full and challenging her mind and body to see what they’re now capable of.

Kiko has co-founded the charity The Big Stand and founded SUPKiko, which use stand up paddle boarding as a vehicle to empower people and children to be more confident, happier and healthier and to take care of our environment.

I chatted to Kiko as we stand up paddle boarded along the River Thames in Richmond one early morning…

As we discussed life, our toes became chilly and we basked in that special morning sunlight, which turns everything into a shimmering gold.

In this episode, you can hear the energy of London as we recorded our conversation in Kiko’s big ‘clean me’ van.

I hope you enjoy the show and laugh along with us!

Note: Stand Up Paddleboard = SUP!

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Kiko will inspire you to action!

Are If’s and But’s preventing you from taking that first step to achieving that special challenge that’s yearning inside of you to be completed?

So many of us create excuses on why we shouldn’t achieve our dreams, ambitions and goals.

Instead we let fear take it’s grip and push our burning desire to achieve that challenge to one side. Ignoring it and allowing it to gather dust at the back of our brain.

Why is that?

Kiko will inspire and motivate you into taking action towards your achieving our dream challenge – so be prepared to take your goal off the shelf and dust it off!

In This Episode You'll Learn

- Kiko’s journey so far from Cushings disease to entrepreneur and adventurer
- How to empower yourself through learning, trying new things and pushing your comfort zone
- How to overcome fear
- Kiko’s formula to #OwnTheChallenge

3 Actions to owning your challenge

1.Follow Kiko’s #OwnTheChallenge formula to creating and owning your challenge

2. Stop using the world ‘fail’ and start reframing failure as a learning experience – so for every failure in your life, that you see as a negative experience and still negatively influences your decisions, write down everything you learnt about from that experience and how you can positively use these learnings going forward into your future.

3. Kiko believes relationships and connections enrich your life, so this week work on cultivating new and/or old relationships. For example, nurture a relationship that you’ve neglected, email someone who you look up to, go to an event and make new friends or introduce yourself in a Facbeook group you’ve been following for a while!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below!

Want to hear another episode on creating an adventurous life? — Listen to the Season 1 Round Up episode in which I bring together the best pieces advice from my 11 expert guests on how to live an adventurous life you love! (listen below or download here):

Selected Links From The Episode

Find Kiko here

Kiko Matthews | SUPKiko | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Other mentions

The Big Stand

Escape The City

Yorkshire Rows – a team of four formidable working mums who dared to dream. They are the first women to row across the North Sea and holders of a Guinness World Record for rowing 3000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean during the world’s toughest rowing race.

Show Notes

Who Kiko Matthews is in the world today and our micro-adventure!

[0:45] I set the adventurous scene for the interview!

[1:09] Introduce Kiko Matthews

[1:28] The Word Game! (or ‘breeding emotions’ in Kiko’s words!)

[2:27] Kiko in our world today

Kiko’s Stand Up Paddle Boarding journey

[3:55] How Kiko got into Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

[9:27] The weirdest thing Kiko has found in London’s canals!

[10:10] Kiko’s best tips for contributing to the planet’s health

[11:35] Why Kiko created the charity, The Big Stand, with Charlie Head

[14:58] How people transform through Kiko’s SUP adventures

Unleashing your best self

[16:00] What drives Kiko to try new things and stretch her comfort zone

[18:12] Empowerment & Pol Vaulting

[20:56] How to overcome fear and take that first step towards creating a live you love


[23:15] Kiko’s Upcoming Adventure and #OwnTheChallenge

[27:00] What ‘challenge’ means to Kiko

[28:00] Why Kiko decided to attempt to become the fastest female to row the Atlantic, solo and unsupported

[29:19] What excites Kiko about rowing across the Atlantic

[30:37] Kiko’s resilient mindset tactics

[34:10] When Kiko begins her epic challenge!

Wrapping Up

[35:47] Wild Fire Question

  • Funnest Fact
  • Billboard
  • Kiko’s favourite book

[39:45] What to look out for from Kiko, how to get involved and where to connect

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