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Introducing Season 2: How To Fear Less

"Let’s say BOO to our fears as we say BOO to the spirits, ghouls and the monsters that reside in the depth of the spirit world."

Adelaide Goodeve

Hello and welcome to The Wild Show! My name is Adelaide Goodeve and I am your host!

It’s really great to have you join me on this journey, as we explore how we can unleash our best self with ballsy folk who are kicking ass at life!

Now some of you astute listeners may have noticed that I have changed the name from The Lilly Wild Show to The Wild Show.

This is because Lilly Wild used to be my alter ego while I was really sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she was the really energetic, adventurous side of me that was temporarily lost.

But now I am thriving and living an energetic and adventurous life so I feel it is time to shed being Lilly Wild and embrace being Wild!

I have also chosen to keep Wild, as it was Frank Wild the forgotten hero of Antarctic exploration that inspired me all of those years ago to live a life listening to those little wild voices whispering in my ear.

If you want to find out more about Frank Wild you can listen to his story and tales of old in Season 1 Episode 9 with Angie Butler, Wild’s autobiographer. I also expand on how he influenced me in Season 1 Episode 0.

So now you know why I changed the name, perhaps you are wondering why my podcast is in seasons?

My podcast producer Rob Lawrence, host of the Inspirational Creatives podcast and all round awesome guy, and I decided to launch my podcast in seasons, because it enables me to explore a theme in each season and to ensure that each season tops the last!

So in Season 1, we explored with my listeners and guests how we can live adventurously, without necessarily embarking on a death defying, world record breaking adventure!

We learnt that it’s all about bringing the adventure mindset into our everyday and that this involves three key ingredients

  1. Cultivating a resilient mindset
  2. Listening to your intuition
  3. Chunking your goals down into bite size pieces

If you want a quick overview then check out my Season 1 Round Up Episode, Episode 12, where I weave all of my top tips and advice from my 11 expert guests into just 46 minutes!

However, this season, Season 2, is a little different.

As a high performance coach, supporting individuals and teams in adventure, endurance sport and business, I have found that fear is the number one feeling and emotional state that often holds us back.

Now I don’t want us to become fearless, as that can lead us into trouble.

But wouldn’t it be nice if we could just fear a little less?

Imagine what you could do if you weren’t scared of going after your goals and dreams.

How would that feel? How would your life transform?

So in this Season we’re going to discover how kick ass and high performing folk see fear, what their fear feels like, when have they been scared, how did they overcome their fear and how did they deal with it.

So I decided it was appropriate to release Season 2: How To Fear Less on Britain’s scariest and spookiest day: Halloween.

One of the traditional stories says that our world and the spirit world becomes thin and porous, and so the spirits come out to play and make mischief, which is one of my favourite theories.

Some of you may be really into Halloween and get all dressed up, carve your scary pumpkins and go trick or treating.

While others of you may be the bah humbugs of Halloween and ignore this festive holiday.

And fear polarises people the same way as Halloween.

Some of you may embrace Halloween as you embrace fear, you may feel the fear, but grab the bull by the horns and just do the fear causing thing anyway, despite your fear.

Others of you may ignore Halloween as you ignore your fear, perhaps you experience fear and it immobilises you, you just bury that scary thing at the back of your mind and leave it on a back burner, hoping that the right time will come along eventually.

Well I say, enough is enough.

Let’s say BOO to our fears as we say BOO to the spirits and the ghouls and the monsters that reside in the depth of the spirit world.

Together with my expert guests lets learn how to deal with fear better, fear a little less, so we can live our life with more courage, bravery, daring, balconies and make it happen drive and kicks charisma.

So are you ready to fear a little less and achieve your goals and dreams?

Did I hear you say yes?


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