Are you feeling a bit down and want to feel happier? Then read this blog to learn 4 quick tricks that you can practice to boost your happiness!

1. Change your mood to happy with mantras!


Many of my guests from The Wild Show, including myself, use motivational and inspirational mantras to change their mood to happy!

Sarah Williams, podcaster and adventurer, used the mantra ‘Be The Egg’ while running the Marathon Des Sables, one of the toughest foot races on Earth. When negative thoughts came into her mind, this mantra reminded her that she has the power to influence her mood to be happy!

I love using this little tune to make me feel happy “Every little cell in my body is happy. Every little in my body is well. I must say, every little cell in my body is happy and well. I must say, every little cell in my body is happy and well.”

You can hear my delightful singing of my mantra in my Svalbard: An Icy Wilderness Adventure episode!!!

2. Use daily affirmations to re-wire your brain for happiness

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Back in early January when I did my vision board for the year my big focus was on ABUNDANCE. I was convinced this was my year of creating more of what I wanted in my life. More money, more freedom, more fun. The thing is, what I didn't realise was the very thing I was wanting more of was the very thing I was worried I would lose if I made more money. Ridiculous I know. In the back of my mind somewhere, I thought that if I made more money my time and freedom would suffer. The very reason I started my businesses and working for myself would be damaged if I earned triple or even double what I have been earning. What I have come to realise is that this is silly. Yes it is. I'll tell you why. 💡 Because if I actually made more money I could outsource a heck of a lot of things I do myself and save time and energy to put towards the things that I love doing. 💡 I could raise my prices and work with the clients that know the value of paying for something that's going to help them. Who are willing to invest in themselves and their business and therefore are ready to take action. 💡 I could go on more trips, weekend aways with my partner, last minute getaways, long trips to far flung places. Because I'd have the money to do so and the people behind me to support the business. 💡 I could have that permanent base by the sea that has been sitting on my vision board for the last 5 years. The thing is, if you are not in alignment with the real reason you are doing your business, the real fears and desires you have, the way you are living right now and the way you want to be living then it's never going to happen. Or I guess it might, but it will take a heck of a long time. When I realised this & took control, engaged & integrated my fear into my action things started to change. Things felt more REAL. More me. So, I ask you this: What is holding you back? And if you're interested in working with me check out the link in my bio & book your free call. #yourtrue #abundancemindset #freedomlifestyle

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One of the best times to wire your brain for happiness is by using affirmations first thing in the morning.

The Wild Show guest Natalia Komis lets us in on hers…

Every morning Natalia picks 2 cards that state positive affirmations and she will then live by these for the rest of the day, such as I am happy and I am motivated.

Natalia has found it’s influenced her perspective and attitude as she goes through her day, enabling her to live from a life-enhancing place of, for example, happiness and motivation.

When working, Natalia places her affirmations in front of her and when Natalia notices she’s going into a negative mood, she repeats her affirmations to get back into that positive, happy mindset!

What affirmation do you want to live your day by?

3. Focus on happiness with a daily gratitude practice


As British adventure athlete Laura Kennington attested to on The Wild Show, having a daily gratitude practice focuses your mind on what you love in your life, all of the things that you’re grateful for and makes you happy.

Laura has found that when her inner voice starts complaining on an adventure, Laura thinks about all of the things she’s grateful for. This helps Laura shift her mood to happy.

Be warned though, as side effects of implementing a daily gratitude practice my include; increased happiness, better relationships, and becoming more optimistic!

4. Create happiness fast with music


One of the quickest ways to change your mood is through the power of music and movement.

If you need a quick happiness boost, blast on your favourite tune and dance around your room, this will soon have you feeling happy and smiling! (read more about this in my blog: 3 ways to re-wire your brain for happiness (thanks to Trolls)

Below is a collection of songs chosen by my Season 2 guests that they play when they need a burst of energy and happiness! Subscribe on Spotify here!

Want to find out more about the habits, practices, behaviours and mental tricks you can use to re-wire your brain for positivity?


Then listen to my podcast episode with adventure filmmaker Kev Merrey on 8 Ways To Develop A Positive Mindset – discover the show notes here, or tune into The Wild Show on iTunes, Spreaker and Stitcher.

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