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[SURPRISE EPISODE] When I built and slept in an Igloo!

"Lesson No.1: Building an igloo is very difficult!"

Adelaide Goodeve

Are you a weekend warrior?

I try to make the most of my weekends, whether it’s adventuring, training or recharging!

I went to visit my best friend in Geneva a few weekends ago and swapped the UK’s snow for Geneva’s!

I don’t know if you’ve been to Geneva before, but I found it very challenging to organise an adventure in a short amount of time.

After a few hours of hitting my head against the brick wall, I remembered meeting Alex Narracott from Much Better Adventures, a platform that helps you to be the ultimate weekend warrior!

The day I left for Geneva, we managed to book Igloo Building and Snowshoeing with Much Better Adventures for the next day!

It was SO much fun, a fantastic way to recharge and re-energize and it helped me to understand the Norwegian philosophy of friluftsliv that I’ve been researching recently.

Friluftsliv (free-loo-sliff) loosely translates to: ‘the simple life’ or ‘open-air living’ and is a way of living in which you are interconnected to nature.

I will be talking about Friluftsliv more in the coming months as I conduct more research.

Similar to my special Svalbard Episode, I used the sounds I recorded and also an audio diary this time, to tell you my story of what it was like to build and sleep in an igloo!

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Show Notes

[0-9.32] How we built an igloo and what it was like in the igloo!

[9.33- 15] What it was like waking up in an igloo, breakfast, snowshoeing and post-micro-adventure

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