TWS S2 E15 • Mark Kleanthos

Mark Kleanthos: Triathlon Coach’s Advice on Nutrition and Hydration (Part 2)

"Believe you can achieve and you can achieve anything."

Mark Kleanthos

I’m back with endurance triathlete and coach Mark Kleanthos and in Part 2 of our conversation, we chat about his mindset and the importance of hydration and nutrition.

If you didn’t listen to Part 1, here’s an overview of Mark’s outstanding achievements;

  • Participated in triathlon since 1983 and hasn’t missed a year since
  • Competed in over 39 Ironmans
  • 2 double Ironmans – he broke 2 British records and finished the second race in under 24 hours
  • Triple Ironman – that’s non-stop, a 12.6km swim, 550km cycle and 126km run in 45 hours 58 mins 20 secs.

Mark really helped me to optimize my performance for Ironman Barcelona last year, by providing me with nutrition and hydration advice.

We go into this, talking about the importance of knowing how to calculate and consume how many calories you need to eat an hour when racing and training – something I didn’t realize!

Another thing I didn’t know about, was the importance of staying hydrated. Did you know that for every 2% decrease in your hydration, your performance drops 10%? That’s huge! Mark talks to us about how we can prevent this from occurring.

As you know, I also love everything to do with our mindset. So Mark gives us some tips on how to mentally prepare ourselves for race day too!

I hope this conversation helps you with your race ambitions, if you have any questions for me or Mark, then do drop Mark a line here or you can send me a message via my red bot.


(Listen to Part 1 here with Mark Kleanthos where we dive into his story and outstanding 36 year career in triathlon!) 

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Selected Links From The Episode

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Show Notes

[0-1.52] Introduction to Part 2 of my conversation with Mark

[1.52-4.42] How Mark mentally prepared for a Triple Ironman

[4.42-8.04] How Mark works out how many calories he needs to consume for a race/while training

[8.04-14.22] How Mark works out how much he needs to drink during a race/while training and why it’s important

[14.22-16.50] Mark’s go-to race breakfast

[16.50-24.15] Wild Fire Round

[24.15-25.43] Let you in on a secret about my last guest of Season 3

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