TWS S2 E16 • Megan Hine

Megan Hine On How To Influence Your Mind To Thrive

“In a survival situation, it's someone's mindset that will determine whether they survive or not.”

Megan Hine

This was without a doubt the most inspiring 55 minutes of my 2018! Meg Hine shares a fascinating insight into her personal mindset and view of the world and the wild.

Adelaide also adds her own brilliant application of Meg’s wisdom, perfect for those of us whose survival mindset focuses more on personal challenges than life-threatening survival situations.

– Cathy Bussey, Telegraph contributor and author of cycling guide The Girl’s Guide to Life on Two Wheels. 

Let’s talk about survival.

What do you think determines whether someone survives a wilderness situation or not?

Do you think you would survive in a wilderness situation?

Do you know how to influence your thoughts and emotions to get the best out of yourself? Do you practice this on a daily basis?

Did you know that adventuring in the wilderness teaches us important lessons that can help us thrive in today’s world of information overload?

Today’s conversation asks us to rethink what separates the survivors from the rest – what makes those deemed by society unlikely to survive, such as women and children, to walk out from survival situations unscathed?

And you’ll soon see that by learning about and practicing survival techniques, we’ll learn how to thrive in this high pressure, stressful, busy and over-stimulated world we live in today.

According to this weeks guest, the most important survival rule that is often overlooked is: 3 seconds without thinking.

Meet Megan Hine.

One of the world’s top survival consultants. Megan splits her time between leading major and celebrity expeditions to producing, running safety and survival consulting for major TV networks, such as the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

Megan has led hundreds of adventures across the world in truly wild places and is not just a good leader and adventurer. But very good.

She is best friends with Bear Grylls, working with him on numerous programmes and he says that Meg “is the most incredible bushcraft, climbing and mountain guide you’ll ever meet. She’s stronger than 99 percent of the men I know, she’s incredible.”

And it’s not just Bear who thinks she’s incredible, I do too. I’ve looked up to Meg for inspiration and motivation for years, so I was VERY excited when she agreed to come on The Wild Show and talk about her new book Mind Of A Survivor.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! Inside Meg answers the question: What separates the survivors from the rest?

Meg combines mindset with adventure, survival and her own hair-raising stories (what’s not to love?!), but after I devoured her book, my questions only grew in number.

In this podcast episode, we dive deeper into Meg’s book and I thought we could be uncovering what mindset tactics, tools and practices enables people to survive. However, having listened to our conversation again, I’ve realised Meg gives us an insight into how we can thrive.

So even if you don’t plan on being in a survival situation any time soon, my hope with this conversation and Meg’s book, is that you will be entertained and add more mindset arrows to your bow, enabling you not to just survive, but to thrive in whatever area of your life you desire.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Show Notes

[0-2.03] Meet Megan Hine!

[2.03-4.10] Who Meg is in the world today

[4.10- 7.50] What it was like for Meg growing up

[7.50-9.12] Meg’s first time experiencing mountain biking

[9.12-11] Meg’s brothers and sisters

[11-21.46] Why spending 7 days in the Picos de Europa Mountains in Northern Spain was a ground breaking experience for Meg

[21.46-25.10] Meg explains to us the popular survival rule of 3 and why she has added an extra one!

[25.10-29.30] What fear and anxiety means to Meg

[29.30-] When Meg feared for her life and how she thinks under pressure

[47.45-49.26] Meg’s future adventure in Alaska

[49.26- 52.17] What have you got in your pockets right now you could use for survival?

[52.17-54] Power of music and final words from Meg

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