Brand Consulting

I love working with adventure travel and lifestyle brands and companies to help them grow and thrive.

Whether you’re just starting out, launching a new project or wanting to grow, I can help you through brand creation, website design and development, building your road map, growing your Instagram, finding creative solutions around outreach and telling stories around your product/service.

I would love to talk to you about how I can help your brand and/or business, just drop me a line at

Brand Ambassador

My ultimate goal is to build a valuable, long term relationship with brands whose values and mission aligns with my own.

By partnering with me, I aim to become a key advocate for your brand and provide you great value through passion, sharing, creativity and engagement.

Current brand ambassador relationships are Armadillo Merino and Rob Lawrence, founder of Sound Theory.

Please get in touch with me to discuss potential partnerships

““Working with Adelaide enabled us to create our brand and website. She helped focus our ideas by asking the right questions and providing us with tools and examples we could use.

By the time we finished working together, Adelaide had developed an innovative website which expressed who we are and clearly communicated our brand to our clients.

Additionally she ran a comprehensive training session that up skilled us to be able to update and adapt the website as our needs should change.

From logo development through to colour scheme and website text, Adelaide was able to support us at every stage.””

Jimmy BangashIntegrative Coach & Co-Founder of Integrated Wellness

Who I’ve Worked With

Brand and website development for Integrated Wellness

Helping a small wellness team craft their brand and website from the ground up.

Integrated Wellness offer a integrated approach to wellness through coaching, nutrition and psychotherapy.

I worked with them to develop their brand to clearly encapsulate their brand personality and values. By helping to confirm their core brand – their values, positioning and mission – we were able to create a firm foundation upon which to evolve their brand identity.

They wanted a elegant, minimalist website that they could use themselves, so I designed for them an exclusive workshop style approach using SquareSpace, whereby I created and crafted the website and then showed them how to use it themselves. 

Champion for Armadillo Merino

Armadillo Merino provide next to skin merino clothing for extreme conditions, they have the customer and environment at the centre of everything they do, which is why I love them so much. I’ve worn their socks and base layers on a 9 day cross country skiing expedition in Svalbard, dog sledding in Norway, 6 week expedition to Ladakh, India, Canada and all over the UK.

Ambassador for Rob Lawrence, founder of Sound Theory

Rob Lawrence is an experienced and qualified audio producer, on a mission to make the world a more exciting sounding place. He’s helped me to create, and produce, a high quality podcast series called The Lilly Wild Show. This has enabled me to empower my listeners by inspiring them to unleash their best self.